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About Us

BBox Sports is a fan engagement tool that focus on develop engaging Augmented Reality (AR) Content that fans can access through our collectible items, the LADS. The LADS are high quality replicas of football jerseys allowing fans to have AR experiences like photos with players, 360º stadium tours and infographics about players performances. Adding to all of this sports teams are gathering important insights about their fans and how to better engage with them.
At BBox Sports we know that FANS are the most important asset for Sports Teams. We believe in taking care of FANS and that sports teams need to look at fans, letting them interact with their teams, players, stadiums and much more, making them feel part of the sports family. After all, happy Fans make Sports Teams ecstatic!
- Happiness: We want to make our users happy and so we always have a friendly word to give!
- Creativity: Originality makes a total difference. Our products are designed by experts that love sports!

- Trust: We want our users to trust in us in every single step of the process, so we always communicate with truth.

- Family: We are all a big family in our team and that’s how we want to communicate with our users.
We live in a world where sports teams need to understand that their fans are a crucial part of their business.
Now, more than ever, the world has changed for both fans and sports teams and so we need to create new forms to engage between us.
Though we've lost control of when sports team can play in stadiums, how fans interact in open spaces, BBox Sports is taking care of the most important asset that sports teams need to look at, the fans, letting them interact with their teams, players, stadiums, and much more, just by using their mobile phones with an Augmented Reality app, BBox Sports AR.